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Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof, Germany
Enabling the Software-Defined Vehicle

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) American writer

Europe’s only event on software development in the automotive industry!

Software is driving tomorrows innovation and the future of the automotive industry will be defined by developments in the Software Defined Vehicle! Automotive OEMs must master quickly the complexity in a highly regulated industry and extend across platforms to keep software complexity manageable. The summit looks at the transformation from hardware to software deployment and the continued growth and innovation of software quality testing & verification and DevOps, Cloud & Edge Computing.
The event discusses the latest technical advancements in functional safety and cybersecurity and how connectivity, automation, and personalization features will be implemented with software in the future. Automotive service-oriented software architectures and real (over-the-air) updateability for connected, electric and autonomous vehicles are getting more important.
Directed at the leading DevOps experts, Cloud Architects, Software Engineers and decision-makers, the Better Automotive Software Summit is the only international knowledge exchange platform bringing together the entire automotive software development value chain – from OEMs, Tier 1s, automotive suppliers, and research institutes through to software providers.


at Better Automotive Software Summit


at Better Automotive Software Summit

Software Development

Software Development for Autonomous Driving – AI, Open Source E/E

DevOps vs. V-model

DevOps Lifecycle Management and Agile Project Management

DevOps – Impacting Customer Experience, Productivity, Costs and Profitability, Speed and Application Delivery by Using Continuous Delivery

Data-Driven DevOps, Continuous Dataflows

DevSecOps – Transition and Embedding Security Into DevOps Pipelines

Expert Panel on Risk Management, Functional Security, and Cyber Security in Software Development

Improve Automotive Cyber Security with DevSecOps

Expert Panel on Risk Management, Functional Security, and Cyber Security in Software Development

Data-Driven Developments Among Others

SafeOps – Automating Quality, Safety and Security, and the Need for More Monitoring and Automation in Automotive Safety Management and Engineering

Organizational Cultural Change – Best Practices for Scaling DevOps Success

Software in Different Areas

Complexity – Control of Software Projects in the Automotive Sector

Best Practices for the Complexity Control of Software Projects in the Automotive Sector

Reduction of Complexity in Software

Intelligent Back End Solutions in the Vehicle: Make or Buy for Software Platforms?

Sustainable and service-oriented Software Architecture Development

Automotive Service-oriented Software Architecture with a Focus on Real Update and Upgrade Capability for Automated Driving

Automotive Cybersecurity – Complying with ISO 21434 Standards for Guaranteeing Software Quality

Risks, Cyber Security and Functional Safety in Software Development for Connected Cars

How Can the Methods of DevXOps and Agile Software Development be Implemented in Model-based Development Structures?

Agile Software Development in Functional Safety: What Works and What Does Not?

Agile Software Architecture

What Challenges are Still to be Addressed in Integrated EV-AV Platforms to Meet Functional Safety (ISO 26262), and Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE®)?

What are the Best Practices for Open Source in Automotive?

How do Future Automotive E/E Architectures for Autonomous Cars Look Like?

Automotive Software & Integration

Software Development for Automated Driving: Current Challenges and Solution Approaches

Transformation of Collected Logistic Data into SW and HW Vehicle Configuration Improvements

Software Development Meets AI

Steering Learning Software in the Right Direction: What Influence Does the Use of AI Have on Software Quality

Software-Defined Vehicle

Software-Defined Cehicle as a Platform for Centralized, Cross-domain E/E Architectures

Software Trends in the Age of Zonal E/E Architectures

Implementation of Personalization, New Connectivity, and Automation Features in Future Software

The Software Platform as an Important Component of the Software Strategy

New Connectivity, Automation, and Personalization in Future Automotive Software

Automotive Software Testing & Validation

Software Quality, Testing, Verification, Remediation

CI/CD Testing and Test Automation

Verification and Validation


Cloud platform testing for continuous delivery speed and scale acceleration

Shift Left Automotive Software Testing with CI/CD

What are the Latest AI-Powered Approaches to Automotive Software Testing and API Automation?

Functional Isolation of Safety-critical Software

A Shift of Paradigm: From Test-Driven to Data-Driven Development

Developing and Sustainably Accompanying – Strategic Software – Simulations and Testing on the Test Bench

Cloud Platform Testing for Delivery Speed and Scale Acceleration

Automation/Testing – Unit and Integration Tests, Functional Testing and Testing as a Service

Software Around the Car

Cloud Platform Testing for Continuous Delivery Speed and Scale Acceleration

Enabling Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates Beyond Bug Fixes

Safe and Efficient Embedded Software Delivery on Time – Real Update and Upgrade Capability for Automated Driving

Improving Data Management for Deep Learning Systems in the Context of Functional Safety

Benefits of Containerized Deployments

How Can Putting CI/CD into the Cloud Improve the Collaboration Between OEM, Tier X, and Engineering Services?

How does the automotive industry see data sharing? How to accelerate sharing vehicle-generated data? Why important? Why to avoid individual silos.

Multi-cloud Migration and Application Scalability

GitOps & Kubernetes – Best practices for cloud-native deployment, management, and monitoring


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Software Engineering Enthusiasts from OEMs, Tier 1s and Suppliers
Sessions full with interaction & discussions
Hours of networking
% Percent Faster releases, continuous delivery and better software!


The Live Event Experience

Icebreaker Icebreaker Relaxed interactive round table discussions the evening before the first conference day. The icebreaker event is the first informal networking gathering of many! Dinner Networking Dinner Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day. Live Stream Live Stream All Sessions will be live streamed via our digital event platform and recorded. Increase your exposure and showcase your solution to a worldwide audience. Matchmaking Matchmaking Make the right business connections, meet the industry experts with a similar investment focus, and talk about the leading projects/tools pushing the industry forward through our unique software platform hubs101.
100 Min 100 Minutes Arrange pre-qualified and exclusive One2One meetings with potential clients. Plan these in advance with the Matchmaking Feature in our Event App “hubs:101”.
CyP Challenge Your Peers It’s an innovative workshop concept which enables participants to engage in a direct exchange with experts from a certain industry. The aim is to discuss and to identify challenges within the sector as well as problems, needs and solutions. World Cafe World Café Session Be part of several thematic conversation rounds with changing topics and team constellations. Say Hello! Say Hello! Get the show on the road. Discover who is joining the conference and why. To warm you up for the conference we invite you to get to know your conference peers. Have your business cards ready. Video one2One Video One2Ones Network before, at and after the event with onsite attendees and digital prospects whenever you want! StartUp Session Start-Up Sessions We select and invite start-ups still young in the field and bring them to our Innovation Lab. Case Study Case Study Selected brand new case studies from the industry offering insights into strategic approaches, project planning and operative realization. Learn from the most successful practices and use these real business results for benchmarking with the competition. Tech Take Live Tech Take Delegates and solution providers have the chance to actively participate in product and service demos on the expo floor. Panel Discussion Panel Discussion A moderated conversation where hand-picked industry experts discuss current and future issues from different perspectives.


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